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Computer Services

There's alot going on inside of your PC, and from time to time, things may stop working the way they should. Whether your computer is slow, can't connect to the Internet, or just won't even turn on anymore, we can provide a solution that fits your needs and your budget! We specialize in hardware and software repairs of Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Most appointments can be scheduled within a day and most repairs are complete within 24 hours! Contact us today to begin the repair of your device


Most Popular Services

Remote Support

Remote Support allows us to work on your computer from anywhere and quickly fix an issue you're having. Download Remote Support


On-Site Support

Can't figure out how to do something or why something isn't working like it used to? We can come to your home or office, figure out the problem, and walk you through how to fix it!

+ trip charge

Virus / Malware Removal

The biggest threat in computing today is malicious software. It can hide on your computer without you even knowing it. It can steal your information or take control of your computer. We can identify and remove the presence of a virus or malware and provide solutions to prevent it from happening again!


Part Replacement / Upgrade

Eventually, parts will fail. Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a faster hard drive with more storage space. We can quickly replace or upgrade any part in your computer!

+ parts

Server Administration

Small businesses no longer need a full-time IT person to manage their computers, servers, printers, etc. Our certified team can monitor, manage, or upgrade your Windows or Linux infrastructure to ensure it's running at it's highest potential.


Updated: 07/01/2023

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